New Survey Reveals Growing Worker Discontent

According to a survey performed by Mercer LLC, a human resource consulting firm, about one in three (33%) employees is seriously considering leaving his or her job. In 2005, when Mercer last conducted the survey, 23% of employees seriously considered leaving their job. Based on Mercer’s surveys, American workers may be increasingly unhappy.

The key question is: will employee job dissatisfaction lead to more employees voluntarily leaving their jobs? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, only 1.4% of employees voluntarily left their jobs in April. That is down from 2% before the 2008 recession began. Because of the weak economy and the low number of employment opportunities, the turnover rate is currently low.

Although the U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that employees are staying at their current jobs for now, employers are preparing for higher turnover. Connie Spyropoulos-Linardakis, chief human resources officer at Zions Bancorporation, believes that more employees may leave at the end of the year due to competition for key employees. Therefore, Spyropoulos-Linardakis plans to research what employees’ value in their pay and benefits packages to keep them from leaving the company.

To read more, check out the June 20, 2011, Wall Street Journal article entitled “Unhappy Workers Stay In Current Jobs, for Now” by Joe Light.


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