Cirque du Soleil on Teamwork and Creativity

According to Lyn Heward, the creative leader at Cirque du Soleil, “no matter what your product is, whether it’s computers, cars or anything else, your results lie in having a passionate strong team of people. People are the driving force. I think because the Cirque’s product is the sum total of people, it’s a little more evident.” Heward explains that team-work is critical at Cirque. No one person makes up Cirque. Heward believes that “[c]reativity is fostered in work groups where people first get to know each other and learn to trust one another.” She also states that the Cirque team has an interdependent structure, meaning that each person is “but a quarter note in a ground symphony.”

Not only does Cirque heavily rely on teamwork, but it also incorporates creativity. Lyn Heward defines creativity as “all about courage, a willingness to take risks, to try new things and share the experience with others.” Creativity is useful in decision-making because it helps the decision maker to completely appraise and comprehend the problem. Creative people also discover problems that others cannot see. Heward creates a list of nine ways to stimulate creativity in the workplace:

  1. Work outside your comfort zone.
  2. Take risks. Try something different.
  3. Use inventiveness and creativity to perform everyday tasks and solve problems.
  4. Build a nurturing environment that leads to productivity, creativity and personal growth.
  5. Incorporate teamwork.
  6. Encourage employees to express different ideas and provide feedback.
  7. Look at your work or product from the customer’s point of view.
  8. Stay connected with your product to see if the product still fits the demands of the marketplace.
  9. Expose your employees to your product, encourage a sense of ownership, cultivate their pride, and share with them your company’s success.

To learn more To learn more go to the article entitled, “Igniting the Creative Spark at Cirque du Soleil – Arupa Tesolin Interviews Lyn Heward Creative Leader at Cirque” by Arupa Tesolin.


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